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Jayne Realty, LLC is a well-established company. 


We specialize in helping our clients in both Oregon & Washington.  If you are interested in growing your real estate career and appreciate the intimacy of a small office and the philosophy of our company, then you may want to consider Jayne Realty, LLC as a place you can call your business "home", especially if you want to be, or are, licensed in both states. Victoria personally likes the ability to service her clients who are looking in Portland and Vancouver. We have found that they appreciate being able to work with just one agent while "shopping" both sides of the river. As an agent with Jayne Realty, LLC, we can also provide real estate services for your Washington clients if you are not dually licensed.  


Our Philosophy:

Life is short!  Put your priorities in order.  We feel if you follow this basic plan, you will be happy, content and have the ability to provide your clients with the best possible service.




At Jayne Realty, LLC, we practice the highest standard of customer service. We provide educational opportunities and training/mentoring support to assist you in being a confident and knowledgable agent in your real estate practice.


Nothing less than the best will do!



Our Vision:

Provide Excellent Services while Making Real Estate Fun & Effortless!


Our Motto:

"A Match Made in Heaven - You and Your Home."  We truly do believe that "allowing" the home buying process to happen instead of "forcing" it will create happy, very satisfied clients & you will love your work!


Our Mission:

Be a sustainable, green office.  We are currently "Recycle at Work" certified with the City of Portland.  "GREEN" has been Victoria's passion long before it became a trendy household word and she runs her business the same way. She had a hand in Portland's Raw Foods Movement and was President of the Board of Directors for many years.  She grows an organic garden yearly, uses a compost bin, recycles all paper, plastics & metals, and uses the least amount of paper necessary in both her personal life and Real Estate Business practices. 


We strongly believe in supporting local businesses, driving responsible cars, organic agriculture, green building, and buying services or products that are green & sustainable.


Working with Jayne Realty, LLC requires using technology and home offices as an integral part of everyday life.   


If you want to consider working with Jayne Realty, LLC, contact us to set up an appointment. 



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