City of Portland's New Home Energy Score

The City of Portland has implemented a new ordinance beginning January 1, 2018.  It states that a Home Energy Assessment must be conducted before listing a home for sale and the report is to be posted on The City of Portland's Website or attached to the RMLS Listing.  Printed copies of the report must also be made available and visible to all prospective buyers who visit the home.

Only homes within the city limits of Portland are required to have the Home Energy Assessment.  Some exemptions apply.  Homes that are distressed are exempt, such as foreclosures, short sales, trustee sales, and tax foreclosures.  Other homes that are exempt are homes that have been deemed uninhabitable due to casualty, government condemned homes, and if compliance would pose a financial hardship for the seller.

To find out if a home is within the city limits of Portland, go to Portland Maps , type in your address and look at the jurisdiction field.  If the jurisdiction field says City of Portland, then the home is within the city limits.

The Home Energy Assessment must be conducted by a certified, licensed assessor and will be valid for 2 years unless changes are made to the home.  The cost ranges from $150-$250.  If changes are made to the home, a new Home Energy Assessment will need to be completed.  

Visit the City's Home Energy Score Website for additional information and a lit of actively licensed assessors.